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The IRS offers several e-News subscriptions on a variety of tax topics. Below are links and information about subscribing.

When you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation message by email. Remember, you must respond to this email to verify your subscription. You can easily unsubscribe from any of the offerings.

News releases, tax law updates and general tax information

Subscribe to tax tips to get brief, concise tips in plain language covering a wide-range of topics, including:

  • Latest on tax scams and schemes
  • COVID tax tips, which help people understand the help the IRS is offering to those affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Common tax preparation errors to avoid
  • Where to receive free tax help
  • Tax deductions and credits guidance
  • Filing for an extension or amending your return

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Subscribe to IRS Newswire and receive news releases issued by the IRS Media Relations Office in Washington, D.C. on the entire range of tax administration issues, including :

  • Breaking news and announcements
  • Tax law changes
  • Filing season updates
  • Filing statistics
  • Alerts on tax scams and identity theft

Subscribers to IRS Newswire may receive an average of two to three news releases each week.

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Subscribe to IRS Guidewire to receive notifications of technical tax guidance issued by the IRS in advance of publication of the Internal Revenue Bulletin, including:

  • Announcements
  • Notices
  • Revenue rulings
  • Procedures
  • Regulations

Subscribers may receive more than one newsletter each week, however, as these items are issued as needed. There may be weeks when no guidance items are issued.

Note: IRS Guidewire provides the majority of Internal Revenue Bulletin items, usually a week or more before the bulletin is published. Subscribers will not receive all IRS guidance, only guidance issued in advance of its publication in the Internal Revenue Bulletin; for a publication of all IRS guidance, see the Internal Revenue Bulletin.

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Subscribe to IRS news in Spanish (Noticias del IRS en español) with tax tips and updates in Spanish.

By subscribing to the IRS News in Spanish, you will also receive IRS Tax Reform Tax Tips. These tips can help you learn about tax reform issues.

Tax tips and IRS press releases in Spanish are brief, go straight to the point and cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Alerts about taxes
  • Alerts about scams, frauds and problems
  • Information on tax reform
  • Common errors to avoid in your tax return
  • Where to get free help with your taxes
  • Guidance on deductions and tax credits available
  • How e-file can file taxes faster and easier
  • How to request an extension or correct your statement

Subscribe to the Office of Professional Responsibility alerts to receive current and up-to-date news and information for the tax professional community, including:

  • OPR disciplinary actions
  • Press releases
  • New items
  • Rules and updates governing those who practice before the IRS
  • Educational information about OPR, its mission and priorities

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Subscribe to Tax statistics to receive announcements for the most recent tax statistics released to the public from the Statistics of Income Division at the IRS.

Subscribers will receive a newsletter for every regularly scheduled data release, as well as changes to release dates and any errata/data revisions.

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Subscribe to IRS Direct File news to receive information about the IRS Direct File, including:

  • Breaking news and announcements
  • Updates to the Direct File page on IRS.gov
  • Eligibility requirements
  • State participation

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Tax professionals and IRS partners

Subscribe to weekly e-News for tax professionals to get the latest IRS updates for the tax professional community. This is a weekly summary generally issued on Fridays, that highlights key information for tax professionals, including:

  • News releases on tax law changes
  • Disaster relief
  • Webinars for continuing education credits
  • New IRS initiatives
  • Scam alerts
  • Technical guidance and other information

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Subscribe to Outreach Connection to keep your partners and others connected to the tax topics and issues that affect them.

Find useful information and materials you can share with clients, employees, customers, constituents, partners and even families. This monthly subscription and webpage provides tax-related information for groups inside and outside the tax community including:

  • Important tax tips and information that may affect your audience.
  • Ready to use information suitable for sharing, using internal newsletters or posting on your website.
  • The latest in social media involving taxes, including X, Instagram and YouTube
  • Informational flyers and graphics
  • Webinars and events

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Offers important program updates, system maintenance schedules, and other helpful information to industry professionals and the IVES community.

Subscribe to Industry Flash to get brief, concise tips in plain language covering a wide-range of topics, including:

  • New IRS acquisition initiatives 
  • IRS news releases and special announcements pertaining to procurement;
  • FAR changes, that impact how the government and industry do business;
  • Procurement Forecasts;
  • Reverse Industry Days;
  • Tips on doing business with IRS

Payroll professionals

Sign up for e-News for payroll professionals to receive tax information affecting the payroll and human resource community, including:

  • Recent legislative changes affecting federal payroll reporting
  • IRS news releases and special announcements pertaining to the payroll industry
  • New employment tax procedures
  • Other information affecting federal payroll tax returns

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e-News for businesses

Subscribe to get news for clean vehicle manufacturers, dealers and the auto industry. Get information to navigate clean vehicle tax credits.

Subscribe to country-by-country reporting news & information and receive the latest news, guidance, regulations and other public information updates about country-by-country reporting requirements for stakeholders, such as:

  • Parent entities of U.S. multinational enterprise (MNE) groups with $850 million or more of revenue
  • Tax and compliance professionals interested in the requirements of country-by-country reporting

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Subscribe to e-News for small businesses to receive tax information designed for small business owners and self-employed individuals, including:

  • Important upcoming tax dates
  • Updates to tax information, tools, and resources
  • Tax compliance reminders and tips
  • News releases and special announcements

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Subscribe to qualified intermediary news to receive email updates regarding the latest developments.

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Subscribe to withholding agent news to receive updates regarding the latest developments.

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Subscribe to receive FATCA news and information updates on the latest IRS news, guidance, regulations and other public information that may affect the following:

  • Individuals with foreign accounts
  • Foreign financial institutions registration, reporting and withholding requirements
  • Non-Financial foreign entities
  • Tax and compliance professionals

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Subscribe to e-News for Bipartisan Budget Act (BBA) partnerships to receive notification of updates to the BBA web pages, including:

  • BBA Centralized Partnership Audit Regime
  • Designate a Partnership Representative
  • Elect Out of the Centralized Partnership Audit Regime
  • File an Administrative Adjustment Request under Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 (BBA)
  • BBA Partnership Audit Process
  • Electronic Submission of Forms by Audited BBA Partnerships and their Pass Through Partners
  • OFSS Status (when unavailable due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance)

Employee plans

Subscribe to employee plans news to receive news about retirement plan information for retirement plan practitioners, including attorneys, accountants, actuaries and others, such as:

  • Upcoming benefits conferences
  • New developments affecting retirement plans
  • New guidance and regulations
  • Current determinations and examination activities

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Tax exempt & government entities

Subscribe to Indian tribal governments news to receive email updates about recent developments, including:

  • Casino issues
  • Payroll taxes
  • Tip income
  • Information reporting
  • Fraud and abusive schemes

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Sign up for tax-exempt bond community updates to receive information from the IRS about tax policy issues, IRS programs and services, and other information of interest for tax professionals and representatives to the tax-exempt bond community, such as:

  • IRS news releases, laws and regulations
  • Tax policy issues
  • Programs and services offered
  • New forms, guidance and other publications
  • Changes and additions to the Tax Exempt Bonds section

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Subscribe to exempt organization news to receive free e-mail updates from the IRS about issues of tax policy, services and available information for tax professionals and representatives that impact tax-exempt organizations, such as:

  • News releases
  • New forms, guidance and other publications
  • Changes and additions to the IRS Charities and Nonprofits webpages
  • Upcoming IRS training and outreach events

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Subscribe to federal, state & local news to receive information about current developments and upcoming events on federal tax matters for all types of government entities, including:

  • Calendar of outreach events (conferences, seminars, etc.)
  • Compensation and fringe benefit issues
  • Information return reporting
  • News and reminders from the Social Security Administration
  • Activities of the National Conference of State Social Security Administrators
  • Recent tax law changes

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IRS Criminal Investigation (CI)

Subscribe to ICYMI: Top IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) stories from the past week to receive a weekly roundup of the top CI stories from the agency's X and LinkedIn accounts.

Subscribe to IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) presents: Tax case of the month to receive a monthly newsletter that highlights the tax case of the month, a fully adjudicated criminal case investigated by one of CI's 20 field offices.

IRS Whistleblower

Subscribe to IRS Whistleblower Program news to receive information about the whistleblower program which pays monetary awards regarding non-compliance with tax laws or other laws the IRS is authorized to administer, enforce, or investigate.

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