How to Subscribe to IRS e-News - YouTube video text script

Want to keep up to date with the latest IRS tax news. It's easy. Just sign up for the IRS e-News subscription service, which will go straight to your inbox. Here's how. Go to There are lots of e-News subscriptions to choose from under these six general categories: you can sign up to get our news releases, tax tips, tax law updates, and general tax information. We also have information for tax professionals and IRS partners, payroll professionals, small businesses and employers, employee plan providers, and tax exempt and government entities. Say, for example, you want more information about IRS tax tips? You can click on the blue arrow next to it to learn more. Then just click subscribe. A box will pop up where you can enter your email address. Then click submit. Now you can click your favorite subscription preferences. Just click the blue "i" button next to the subscription for more information. After choosing the subscriptions you want, scroll down and click submit. You'll receive a confirmation email soon after again, to get started, go to