Current tax tips

Tax Tip 2024-60, June 24, 2024 — Tax relief is available for people living in areas declared disasters by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. To find out if an area qualifies for disaster tax relief, check IRS news from around the nation.

Tax Tip 2024-59, June 20, 2024 — Mediation – also known as alternative dispute resolution – can help taxpayers resolve tax issues early and efficiently.

Tax Tip 2024-58, June 11, 2024 — The Employer-Provided Childcare Tax Credit is an incentive for businesses to provide childcare services to their employees.

Tax Tip 2024-57, June 10, 2024 — Summer wedding season has arrived, and newlyweds can make their tax filing easier by doing a few things now. A taxpayer's marital status as of December 31 determines their tax filing options for the entire year, but that's not all newlyweds need to know.

Tax Tip 2024-56, June 6, 2024 — Eligible contractors who build new energy efficient homes or substantially reconstruct existing homes into qualified energy efficient homes may be eligible for a tax credit up to $5,000 per home.

Tax Tip 2024-55, June 5, 2024 — Hobbies and businesses are treated differently when it comes to filing taxes. The biggest difference between the two is that businesses operate to make a profit while hobbies are for pleasure or recreation.

IRS tax tips from January 2011 forward.