Current Tax Tips

Tax Tip 2023-113, Sept. 20, 2023 — Eligible contractors who build or substantially reconstruct qualified new energy efficient homes may be eligible for a tax credit up to $5,000 per home. The actual amount of the credit depends on eligibility requirements such as the type of home, the home's energy efficiency and the date when someone buys or leases the home.

Tax Tip 2023-112, September 19, 2023 — Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when scammers pose as the IRS it means trouble for taxpayers. Identity thieves may contact taxpayers through fraudulent calls, emails, texts or social media messages pretending to be the IRS. Here are tips to help taxpayers know when the IRS is contacting them.

Tax Tip 2023-111, Sept. 18, 2023 — Taxpayers can authorize a third-party representative to work with the IRS on their behalf. Sometimes this person is an unpaid family member or friend, and sometimes this is a tax professional hired by the taxpayer. Different types of representatives need different authorizations before they can represent the taxpayer to the IRS.

Tax Tip 2023-110, Sept. 12, 2023 — When disaster strikes, Americans can always be counted on to help. That help comes in countless ways, but often the easiest way to help is by donating money to charities.

Tax Tip 2023-109, Sept. 6, 2023 — The Oct. 16, 2023, extension filing deadline is coming up, and many taxpayers who requested an extension are now choosing a tax return preparer. Most tax return preparers provide honest, quality service, but there are some bad apples out there – from unethical preparers to outright scammers.

Tax Tip 2023-108, Sept. 5, 2023 — Starting a new business can seem overwhelming for new entrepreneurs or even seasoned professionals. The IRS has resources to help new business owners understand the tax responsibilities of running a business.

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