If you live near a state line, please look for meetings in nearby cities of the bordering state.

Statewide Practitioner Liaison

Meeting: IRS and Practitioner Liaison Steering Committee Meeting

Date(s): Semiannual
Time: 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Location: Attendance is by videoconferencing and teleconferencing
Contact: Liaison Steering Committee members have been selected by their practitioner organization to represent their memberships. These organizations include: AAA-CPA, PICPA, PSEA, PSPA, PA-NATP, PA-NABA, PA-AFWA, PA Bar Association and ncCPAp.
Remarks: The Liaison Steering Committee members meet regularly to discuss tax issues raised by the represented organizations. The purpose of this posting is to allow you to raise issues to the appropriate committee member who represents your organization.
Sponsored by: Internal Revenue Service, Stakeholder Liaison

Points of Contact:

PICPA: Damian M. Gaspari, CPA @ 610-862-2392
email: dgaspari@cbiz.com

PSEA: Mikal Abdullah, EA @ 215-549-3328
Warren Hudak, EA @ 866-386-3508
email: taxhelp@paenrolledagents.com

PSTAP: Sherry DeAgostino @ 800-270-3352
email: execdir@pspa-state.org

PA-NATP: John Molinaro, @ 412-403-9967
email: panatptaxhelp@gmail.com

AFWA- Phila Chapter: Jean Rigney, CPA @ 215-994-2256
email: jean.rigney@dechert.com

PA Bar Association: Phyllis Horn Epstein, Esquire @ 215-563-1200
email: phyllis@eselaw.com

AAA-CPA: Vincent G. DiAntonio, J.D., LL.M., CPA @ 215-641-8600
email: vince.diantonio@rsmi.com

NABA - Phila Chapter: Troy Spence
email: tspence86@gmail.com

ncCPAp - Delaware Valley Chapter: Edward P. Caine CPA / CFF @ 610-212-8978
email: epcaine@CLCPAS.net