If your agency or organization provides services to offenders or parolees or has a prisoner re-entry program, why not include tax information to help recently released individuals with their taxes?

Take a look at the free products here! You can share the DVD and use the easy-to-follow facilitator’s guide with everything you need to deliver training. There also a free brochure developed by the IRS to help these individuals understand their tax responsibilities, the benefits of filing income taxes, the available tax credits and much more.

Here is more backgroundPDF on a national effort and opportunities to become involved. Check out the products below for your prisoner re-entry program!

Get Right with Your Taxes


Intended Use/Audience

Ordering Guidelines

Pub. 4931 (DVD)

Pub. 4931 (in Spanish)PDF

Re-entry coordinator for the soon-to-be-released prisoner audience.


One copy per correctional facility

Pub. 4924, Facilitator's GuidePDF

Pub. 4924 (in Spanish)PDF

Provides detailed instructions to anyone administering the outreach sessions.


One copy per facilitator

Pub. 4925, Life Cycle BrochurePDF

Pub. 4925 (in Spanish)PDF

Contains helpful resources and tax information written for the soon-to-be-released prisoner audience.


One copy for each audience member/re-entry program participant

Publication 4931, Get Right with Your Taxes (video), is available online at any time from any internet connection. It highlights all the good things about getting right with taxes, e.g., refunds, tax credits, proof of income, Social Security benefits, peace of mind, etc. For use in a re-entry session, you may wish to order a DVD of this production for optimum viewing and teaching.

These products can be ordered through the toll-free number 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676), from IRS Forms and Publications online, by sending an email to the SPEC Partner email address or by contacting your local SPEC relationship manager.