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How to Sponsor e-file

Thousands of organizations nationwide are partnering with IRS to make a difference in their communities. We invite you to join our partner network and provide your clients, employees, organization members, and members of your communities with the information and assistance they need, want and value. With so many tax benefits available today, taxes can serve as the starting point for a dream leading to stronger financial security for many people.

Credit unions, banks, churches, corporations, hospitals, state universities, etc., can become organizations that sponsor IRS e-file and make it available to their employees and/or customers.

IRS encourages the use of e-file options to make filing taxes easier, faster and more convenient. Businesses, corporations, hospitals, colleges and state universities can become organizations that sponsor IRS e-file and make it available to their employees and customers.

  • Quick – No more last minute trips to the Post Office - just hit Send! Or tell your preparer "I want the safety and speed of e-file."
  • Easy – The computer software leads you step-by-step and verifies the math!
  • Smart – IRS provides an official acknowledgement that your return was received. Owe money? You can authorize an electronic funds withdrawal from your savings or checking account or use a credit card.

Self-serve preparation and electronic filing services represent the fastest-growing segment of the tax industry, and our partners can offer an effective way for employers and financial institutions to make e-file available to their employees or customers for free or for a reduced fee. Sponsor an employee electronic filing Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) or Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) site.

The possibilities for partnering are endless and the effects are boundless. The power of coalitions is a driving force nationwide. If the mission of your organization coincides with that of the IRS, why not consider becoming a partner?

To discuss partnering opportunities send an email to partner@irs.gov, and let us help you get started making an impact in your community today!

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