IRS Research Conference

6th Annual IRS-TPC joint research conference on tax administration

June 23, 2016

2016 IRS Research Conference ProgramPDF 
2016 IRS Research Conference - Abstracts of PapersPDF

2016 IRS Research Bulletin

The 2016 IRS Research Bulletin (Publication 1500) features selected papers from the IRS-Tax Policy Center (TPC) Research Conference held at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC, on June 23, 2016. Conference presenters and attendees included researchers from many areas of the IRS, officials from other government agencies, and academic and private sector experts on tax policy, tax administration, and tax compliance.

2016 IRS Research BulletinPDF


1. Interventions: Influencing taxpayer compliance

2. Nonfiling: IRS–Census data comparisons

3. Panel discussion

4. Behavioral research: Why do people do what they do?

Here are PDF copies of the slides from sessions 1, 2, and 4.    

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Ben Herndon, Director, IRS Office of Research, Applied Analytics, and Statistics
Eric Toder, Co-Director, Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center
Co-Chairs, 2016 IRS-TPC Research Conference

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