Do not include an acknowledgement copy with your Form 8038 series return filing. It will not be returned as an acknowledgement and may delay processing or cause a duplicate filing.

The return acknowledgement process for the Form 8038 series return is automated. A Notice CP152, CP152A or Letter 86C serves as the official acknowledgement that we received your return. You'll receive a separate acknowledgement for each form you file.

If you contact the IRS about a return filing, attach a copy of the acknowledgement to all correspondence with the IRS and have it available if you call Customer Accounts Services (877-829-5500). The official acknowledgement contains information that will help the IRS representative identify the proper return and provide better service.

Following is a chart of returns commonly used by IRS Tax Exempt Bonds customers and the notice or letter you'll receive as an acknowledgement when filing that return.

Returns Acknowledgement
Form 8038-CPPDF CP152A Notice
Form 8038PDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-GPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-GCPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-BPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-TCPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-TPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8328PDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-RPDF Letter 86C
Form 8703PDF CP152 Notice

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