Form 8038 Series Receipt Acknowledgements


Do not include an acknowledgement copy with your Form 8038 series return filing. It will not be returned as an acknowledgement and may delay processing or cause a duplicate filing.

The return acknowledgement process for the Form 8038 series return is automated. A Notice CP152, CP152A or Letter 86C serves as the official acknowledgement that we received your return. You'll receive a separate acknowledgement for each form you file.

If you contact the IRS about a return filing, attach a copy of the acknowledgement to all correspondence with the IRS and have it available if you call Customer Accounts Services (877-829-5500). The official acknowledgement contains information that will help the IRS representative identify the proper return and provide better service.

Following is a chart of returns commonly used by IRS Tax Exempt Bonds customers and the notice or letter you'll receive as an acknowledgement when filing that return.

Returns Acknowledgement
Form 8038-CPPDF CP152A Notice
Form 8038PDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-GPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-GCPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-BPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-TCPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-TPDF CP152 Notice
Form 8328PDF CP152 Notice
Form 8038-RPDF Letter 86C
Form 8703PDF CP152 Notice

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