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Form 8038 Series Receipt Acknowledgements

As of August 1, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service's Ogden campus no longer replies to return acknowledgement requests. 

The return acknowledgement process for the returns listed below is automated. A Notice CP152 is sent to the filer when the form is fully processed. (Note:  Letter 86C serves as an acknowledgment for Form 8038-R.)

The notice provides information necessary when the filer contacts the IRS. Attaching a copy of the notice to all correspondence and documents relating to the filed return facilitates a prompt response by the IRS. If contact is made via our customer service number (877-829-5500), the notice has information that may be requested by the customer service representative to identify the proper return.

Including a return acknowledgement request with the return may delay its processing and will not be returned. 

The following returns under the jurisdiction of the Office of Tax Exempt Bonds office receive a Notice CP152:

  • Form 8038
  • Form 8038-G
  • Form 8038-GC
  • Form 8038-B
  • Form 8038-TC
  • Form 8038-T
  • Form 8038-CP
  • Form 8703
  • Form 8328
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