2017 Document 6209 - ADP and IDRS Information


通知 :历史内容


2017 Document 6209 is a reference guide which contains ADP and IDRS data relative to various components of the IRS. It is updated annually.

Table of ContentsPDF

Section 1, GlossaryPDF

Section 2, Tax Returns and FormsPDF

Section 3, Tax Return InformationPDF

Section 4, Document Locator NumberPDF

Section 5, Debtor Master FilePDF

Section 6, Initiating and Monitoring Refund Check Tracing ActionPDF

Section 7, Automated Non-Master FilePDF

Section 8A, Master File CodesPDF - Transaction, MF and IDRS Collection Status, Freeze and IDRS Status 48, Restrictive and Filing Requirements

Section 8B, Master File CodesPDF - Unpostable and Resequence

Section 8C, Master File CodesPDF - Source, Reason, Hold, Priority, Item Adjustment & Credit Reference, NMF Abstract, Underreporter, Process, No Merge Reason, EP

Section 9, Notices and Notice CodesPDF

Section 10, Penalty and Interest ProvisionsPDF

Section 11, CollectionPDF

Section 12, ExaminationPDF

Section 13, Appeals and TE/GEPDF

Section 14, Integrated Data Retrieval System (IDRS)PDF

Section 15, Other Systems CADE, CADE 2, SCRIPTS, CFOL and FTDPDF

Section 16, Julian Date, Cycle and Notice CalendarsPDF