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Get to know the IRS, its people and the issues that affect taxpayers.


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A closer look at the IRS Direct File pilot

Learn more about the pilot for a new IRS tax filing service called Direct File that will allow eligible taxpayers to file their taxes online, for free, directly with the IRS.




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The IRS is improving the taxpayer experience

Get a closer look at IRS efforts to improve the taxpayer experience.

ACL Filing Season 2023 Image with a collage of pictures and IRS logo in the center

The 2023 Tax Season Has Begun – IRS Offers Tips to Accurately File Your Return

Get a closer look at IRS information and resources available to help taxpayers prepare and file their tax return.

Large Business & International (LB&I)

A Closer Look at the IRS Large Business and International Division

LB&I handles tax administration activities for domestic and foreign businesses with a U.S. tax reporting requirement and assets equal to or more than $10 million. Learn more about LB&I and the many career opportunities available within the division.

IRS Chat Bot - How may I help you?

A Closer Look: Using Voice and Chat Bots to Improve the Collection Taxpayer Experience

IRS is implementing new technology to make it easier for people to get the help they need.

Forms 1023 and 1023-EZ with arrow

Streamlining the 1023 – A Success Story

Find out more about how the IRS is working to reduce burden on smaller organizations seeking tax-exempt status while also achieving business efficiencies.

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Don’t Wait to File Your 2021 Tax Return

IRS Deputy Commissioner for Services & Enforcement Doug O’Donnell explains why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to file a 2021 tax return – even if you have an extension to file until the Oct. 17 due date.

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