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Get to know the IRS, its people and the issues that affect taxpayers.


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Providing Resources to Help Cannabis Business Owners Successfully Navigate Unique Tax Responsibilities

Learn more about the new IRS Cannabis/Marijuana Initiative and how the agency is supporting business owners and increasing voluntary compliance with the tax law while also identifying and addressing non-compliance.




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IRS Making Progress on Key Areas Slowed by the Pandemic, but More Work Remains

Take a closer look at what the IRS is doing to help struggling taxpayers while catching up on the record level of work experienced during the pandemic.

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Celebrating Resilience and Renewal During National Small Business Week

Take a closer look at how IRS is assisting small businesses and self-employed individuals in meeting their tax obligations while providing tax relief to help those affected by the pandemic.

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Innovation at Work – Using Technology to Bring the IRS Forward

The IRS is constantly pursuing new and innovative ways of delivering technology to make the IRS more accessible, efficient, and effective.

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IRS Provides Taxpayers Easier, Faster Way to Decide Who Can Represent Them and See Their Tax Records

IRS recently introduced Tax Pro Account, which allows for all-digital interaction between tax professionals and taxpayers on authorization forms.

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Enhancing Systems and Processes to Better Serve Taxpayers

Take a closer look at how the IRS is modernizing the taxpayer experience through digitalization and case management innovations

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Accelerating Digital Communications to Improve the Taxpayer Experience

Get a closer look at how IRS is enhancing communications with taxpayers through digital channels.

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