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Enhancing Systems and Processes to Better Serve Taxpayers

Take a closer look at how the IRS is modernizing the taxpayer experience through digitalization and case management innovations




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Accelerating Digital Communications to Improve the Taxpayer Experience

Get a closer look at how IRS is enhancing communications with taxpayers through digital channels.

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Providing Quality Service in Challenging Times

Get a closer look at how the IRS is working to improve the service it provides to taxpayers, despite the impact of the pandemic and continuing constraints.

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Redesigned Collection Notices Empower Taxpayers and Increase Payment Compliance

Get a closer look at how IRS is improving taxpayer service through recent enhancements to collection notices.

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Helping Small Business and Self-Employed Taxpayers

In the Examination Division, we have a variety of compliance programs and outreach efforts to help employers meet their employment tax responsibilities.

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When it Comes to Tax Scams, Knowledge is Power

The Office of Fraud Enforcement is working to combat identity theft, refund fraud and other criminal activity to protect the nation's taxpayers and counter evolving tactics.

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IRS Commissioner Thanks Taxpayers

IRS appreciates the time and personal effort each and every taxpayer takes to file and pay their taxes.

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