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IRS Prioritizes High Income Non-filers

Identifying and pursuing high income non-filers who live here in the United States and abroad continues to be a key priority for the agency.




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Special tax deduction available this year for cash donations to charities

Tax deduction available through Dec. 31, 2020 for cash donations of up to $300 to qualifying charities


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IRS Offers Electronic Signature Options

New secure online submission platform keeps critical information safe


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Delivering the CARES Act and Filing Season 2020

How IRS managed a successful filing season while simultaneously providing sweeping tax relief to Americans


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November 10 Is “National EIP Registration Day”

Eligible people should register for their Economic Impact Payment before the deadline on November 21


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IRS Audit Rates

A Closer Look at audit rates provides insight into which income groups are more likely to be audited.



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New COVID-19 related relief

IRS is offering many options for taxpayers struggling with COVID-related financial hardships.



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Economic Impact Payments

We need your help to reach more low-income individuals and families so they can take action by November 21  to get a payment this year.



Need a Payment Plan? Consider Using the Online Payment Agreement Application video

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