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Get to know the IRS, its people and the issues that affect taxpayers.


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Protecting Taxpayers from Tax-Related Identity Theft

The “Security Summit” partnership between the IRS, the states and the private-sector tax industry is more important than ever as they work to combat a common enemy – identity thieves.




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Working for the IRS – A Commitment to Mission, People and Country

Learn why the mission, diverse job opportunities, investment in people and patriotic duty of our agency make the IRS a great place to build a career.


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Preparing for and Delivering the 2021 Filing Season

How the IRS prepares to process more than 150 million tax returns and issue more than $400 billion in refunds to taxpayers each year.


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IRS Procurement Culture Moves From Risk Avoidance to Innovation, Speed and Agility

Acquisitions using inventive solutions to transform its culture and improve internal operations.


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Our Commitment to Serving a Diverse Nation

We want to provide ongoing, high-quality, personalized service to everyone, no matter where they live, what their background is, or what language they speak.


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Maximizing the Earned Income Tax Credit

EITC has been benefitting low-and moderate-income workers for 46 years with the majority of the benefits of the program going to families with children.


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IRS Issues Annual IRS Progress Update: Putting Taxpayers First

New report looks back over the past year, highlighting the challenges IRS faced as well as the agency’s accomplishments.


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How the IRS Ensures Compliance With the Tax Laws

Audits are an important piece of the puzzle, but the agency uses a variety of other tools to promote compliance.


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IRS Prioritizes High Income Non-filers

Identifying and pursuing high income non-filers who live here in the United States and abroad


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Special Tax Deduction Available This Year for Cash Donations to Charities

Tax deduction available through Dec. 31, 2020 for cash donations of up to $300 to qualifying charities


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IRS Offers Electronic Signature Options

New secure online submission platform keeps critical information safe


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Delivering the CARES Act and Filing Season 2020

How IRS managed a successful filing season while simultaneously providing sweeping tax relief to Americans


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November 10 is “National EIP Registration Day”

Eligible people should register for their Economic Impact Payment before the deadline on November 21


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IRS Audit Rates

A Closer Look at audit rates provides insight into which income groups are more likely to be audited.



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New COVID-19 Related Relief

IRS is offering many options for taxpayers struggling with COVID-related financial hardships.



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Economic Impact Payments

We need your help to reach more low-income individuals and families so they can take action by November 21  to get a payment this year.




New Security Measures Help Protect Against Tax-Related Identity Theft

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