Our goal as business advisers and partners is to help create agile and innovative contract solutions to ensure we can meet our mission of effective tax administration.

The Office of the Chief Procurement Officer (OCPO) helps our employees within the Department of the Treasury buy goods and services from external vendors nationwide. This includes requirements for the Martinsburg, WV and Detroit, MI Computing Centers, and all local requirements for the IRS headquarters offices in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. There are also four procurement offices located in New York, NY, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Oakland, CA.

Notice to Contractor - Executive Order Combating Race and Stereotyping Memo for IRS Vendors - AB 21-01 Rescission PDF

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  • How to do business with Treasury
    An informational guide about the bureaus within the Treasury and the Treasury federal procurement process.
  • Treasury Procurement Executive Office
    Access the Department of The Treasury Acquisition Regulations (DTAR), Treasury Acquisition Circulars, Treasury Acquisition Bulletins, Treasury Procurement Directives and federal regulations and policies.
  • Treasury Small Business Program Office
    The Small Business Program Office helps small businesses compete successfully for a fair share of our procurements. They also help large businesses increase subcontracting opportunities.

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