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Streamlining the 1023 – A Success Story

Find out more about how the IRS is working to reduce burden on smaller organizations seeking tax-exempt status while also achieving business efficiencies.




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Don’t Wait to File Your 2021 Tax Return

IRS Deputy Commissioner for Services & Enforcement Doug O’Donnell explains why you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to file a 2021 tax return – even if you have an extension to file until the Oct. 17 due date.

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Modernizing Tax Processing Systems

Get a closer look at one of the most complex modernization programs in the federal government and why it’s important to continue funding.

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The IRS Whistleblower Office

Get a Closer Look at how the IRS Whistleblower Office enhances tax enforcement through the valuable contributions of whistleblowers.

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The IRS’ Continued Efforts to Improve Service to Diverse Communities

Get a closer look at how IRS is enhancing the experience of all taxpayers by communicating with them in their most comfortable language.

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A Closer Look: Expanding Access in Puerto Rico

Take a closer look at how IRS is working to serve residents of Puerto Rico.

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Planning for Disasters

Get A Closer Look at some simple disaster preparedness tips that everyone should follow to ensure they protect their critical tax and financial documents.

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