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Get to know the IRS, its people and the issues that affect taxpayers.


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Serving Taxpayers and the Nation in 2021

Get a closer look at the IRS 2021 Progress Update that highlights major IRS program successes, data on the execution of our strategic plan, and stories about how our employees have been recognized for their outstanding work in our agency and their dedicated service to the nation and their communities.




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The IRS Encourages Taxpayers to Consider Charitable Contributions

Eligible taxpayers and businesses have until Dec. 31 to make charitable donations that can be deducted on their 2021 tax returns when they file next year.

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How IRS Collection is Helping Taxpayers During the Pandemic

The IRS’s Collection organization has played an important role in the agency’s efforts to help Americans in need during the pandemic. Get a closer look at these efforts to help taxpayers.

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National Tax Security Awareness Week: Tips to Help Protect Taxpayers

Get a closer look at how the IRS and Security Summit partners are providing information, tips and resources to help people keep their data and money safe.

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IRS Priorities: Detecting Fraud, Protecting Taxpayers

During International Fraud Awareness Week, get a closer look at how the IRS investigates and helps prosecute fraud.

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Providing Resources to Help Cannabis Business Owners Successfully Navigate Unique Tax Responsibilities

Learn more about the new IRS Cannabis/Marijuana Initiative and how the agency is supporting business owners and increasing voluntary compliance with the tax law while also identifying and addressing non-compliance.

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IRS Making Progress on Key Areas Slowed by the Pandemic, but More Work Remains

Take a closer look at what the IRS is doing to help struggling taxpayers while catching up on the record level of work experienced during the pandemic.

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