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Get to know the IRS, its people and the issues that affect taxpayers.


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A Closer Look: Expanding Access in Puerto Rico

Take a closer look at how IRS is working to serve residents of Puerto Rico.




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Planning for Disasters

Get A Closer Look at some simple disaster preparedness tips that everyone should follow to ensure they protect their critical tax and financial documents.

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IRS Tax Day Message: Thank You for Filing

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig thanks all those who took the time to file and pay their taxes.

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The Timing is Right to Consider a Career at the IRS

Take a closer look at how the IRS is recruiting and hiring employees for a variety of positions, from entry-level to those in specialized fields and management, as well as benefits and opportunities available to our employees.

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A Closer Look at the Earned Income Tax Credit

Learn more about recent changes to the EITC and how to find out if you’re eligible for the credit this year, how to get it, and when to expect it.

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The 2022 Tax Season Has Started - Tips to Help You File an Accurate Return

Get a closer look at the IRS tips, information and resources available to help taxpayers prepare and file their tax return.

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Serving Taxpayers and the Nation in 2021

Get a closer look at the IRS 2021 Progress Update that highlights major IRS program successes, data on the execution of our strategic plan, and stories about how our employees have been recognized for their outstanding work in our agency and their dedicated service to the nation and their communities.

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