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Get to know the IRS, its people and the issues that affect taxpayers.


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Advice on the 2021 Tax Filing Season

Get tips from the IRS on filing your taxes before this year’s deadline.




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Impacting the Tax Gap

Find out more about the tax gap, how the IRS computes it, and what the agency is doing to reduce it.

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“I Disagree with an IRS Audit or Collection Decision – What Do I Do Next?”

Get to know the IRS Independent Office of Appeals and how they work with taxpayers.


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Two Sides, One Goal: Preventing and Resolving Disputes with the IRS

IRS debuts new online tool offering options for taxpayers to prevent tax disputes and efficiently resolve those that do arise.


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IRS Employees Show They Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

IRS employees continue to provide outstanding service to taxpayers and help their families, friends and members of their community.


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Tax Volunteers Support Taxpayers in Need

Take a closer look at how the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs help millions of low-to-moderate income taxpayers accurately prepare and file their tax returns for free with help from IRS-certified volunteers.


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Free File can help people who have no filing requirement find overlooked tax credits

We want to provide ongoing, high-quality, personalized service to everyone, no matter where they live, what their background is, or what language they speak.


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