Communicate with IRS Office of Appeals using Secure Messaging - YouTube video text script


If you're appealing an IRS decision, you can communicate directly with us through secure messaging. First, head to to get started.

IRS Secure Messaging works like other web-based email services. You and your authorized representative, if you have one, can send and receive messages quickly and easily with the IRS. You can also send digital documents related to your appeal.

It's safe. It's secure. It's free and convenient. There's no need to spend time on the phone, send paper letters through the mail, or use a fax machine - you can connect anytime from anywhere.

Once you receive an invitation in your initial Appeals letter, you can start using secure messaging. The letter will have your Appeals Representative's contact information, their secure messaging ID, and instructions for signing up.

After signing up for IRS secure messaging with Appeals, you'll receive a notification by email or text message whenever you have a message waiting for you.

Once invited by an Appeals Representative to use IRS Secure Messaging, visit to get started.