New e-service Revolutionizes Transcript Delivery


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IR-2004-114, Sept. 9, 2004

WASHINGTON — Tax practitioners can now request transcripts of their client’s tax records and receive them within minutes instead of days or weeks using a new online tool delivered through the IRS Business Systems Modernization program. The Transcript Delivery System (TDS) is the latest in a series of e-services that are revolutionizing how tax practitioners work with the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of their clients.

Authorized tax practitioners use the new electronic tool to order tax account and tax return transcripts and other tax information for their business and individual clients. The documents are returned to the practitioner’s computer through a secure online connection within minutes. Paper requests for the same information can take days or weeks to complete.

“This important new technology will help tax practitioners improve their services to taxpayers and is part of our continuing efforts to modernize the IRS,” said IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson.”

Tax practitioners use transcripts when representing their clients before the IRS. Transcripts are printouts of a taxpayer’s account that show actions taken by the IRS or the taxpayer and any tax, penalties or interest assessed. Tax returns can also be printed as transcripts to show most of the numbers reported on the return and those from accompanying schedules or forms. In many cases, transcripts are used instead of making copies of tax returns.

TDS is one of three premium e-services the IRS has developed for practitioners who have successfully e-filed 100 or more individual tax returns and registered to use e-services. The other premium e-services, Disclosure Authorization and Electronic Account Resolution, were released in July.

"TDS is the greatest thing since sliced bread,” says enrolled agent Larry “Denny” Denman, a North Las Vegas tax practitioner who uses TDS and other IRS e-services. “I requested eight years of transcripts for one client and printed them out in no time. And the quality is better than anything I get through the mail or by fax.”

The Transcript Delivery System is the final product in a line of e-services developed through the Business Systems Modernization program in partnership with the PRIME Alliance group of contractors led by Computer Sciences Corporation.

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