News Releases for July 2005


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Everson Praises Congress for Funding, Suspends Plan to Close TACs

IR-2005-77, July 29, 2005 — IRS Commissioner Mark W. Everson today lauded the Congress for additional funding in accordance with the IRS 2006 budget request, and he suspended plans to close some of its Taxpayer Assistance Centers.

IRS Launches Study of S Corporation Reporting Compliance

IR-2005-76, July 25, 2005 — IRS officials announced today the launch of a study to assess the reporting compliance of S corporations.

IRS E File Available for Extension Filers through Aug. 15 and Beyond

IR-2005-75, July 20, 2005 — Taxpayers and tax professionals who filed for extensions should e-file their 2004 tax returns.

IRS Waives Diesel Fuel Penalty Due to Hurricane Dennis

IR-2005-74, July 15, 2005 — Excise tax penalty not imposed on misuse of dyed diesel fuel in parts of Florida because of hurricane.

IRS to Accept Facsimile Signatures on Employment Tax Returns

IR-2005-73, July 12, 2005 — Alternative signature methods will reduce administrative burden on business taxpayers.

Robust Response for Executive Stock Option Initiative; Son of Boss Settlement Heading for $4 Billion

IR-2005-72, July 11, 2005 — IRS officials announced today that they received a strong turnout for the executive stock option settlement initiative launched in February.

National Taxpayer Advocate Releases Report to Congress, Cites Need to Balance Taxpayer Service with Enforcement

IR-2005-71, July 8, 2005 — Discusses the role taxpayer service plays in facilitating voluntary compliance.

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