IRS Special Agent - YouTube video text script


My job title is a special agent. I first learned about the job through classmate when I was completing my master's degree. I applied for an internship and I was fortunate enough to get hired. I was an intern for approximately six months where I was able to shadow other special agents and learn about the job to see if it was a good fit for me. Once I completed my degree as well as my internship, I transitioned over to a full time or a full-fledged special agent, and I've been with the IRS ever since. A special agent position requires law enforcement skills, as well as accounting skills, which differentiates it from the other jobs in the IRS. I would say a good candidate for this job should be somebody who likes excitement, who has good analytical skills and who is a good communicator because there is definitely a lot of communication required for this job.

Also, we utilize forensic accounting for our investigations because what we do is we follow the money. The training program to me, at least, was very fun, it was challenging. It was interesting and it was a once in a lifetime experience. I don't think I would ever, you know, get that type of experience anywhere else. Sometimes there are days where I work a lot of long hours, but at the end of the day, there is definitely a reward. For example, there are days where we do search warrants or arrest warrants, and we start really early with doing a briefing with everybody. And after the execution of the search warrant or the arrest warrant, you see the result of your work. For example, you've gathered the evidence that you need for your investigation or you've arrested somebody and brought them into jail. So, to me, seeing the result after all the long hours that I've put in is is the reward that I see. There's definitely a feeling of stability. It's not as volatile as the private sector. I've worked in private sector previously, and the economy definitely has its ups and downs. So, working with the IRS, I feel that it's always constant. I'll always have a job and it's for me a job that I love.