MeF Exempt Organizations and Other Tax Exempt Entities Release Memo November 14, 2022


MeF Exempt Organizations and Other Tax Exempt Entities Stakeholders:

We are providing new versions of Tax Year 2022 and Tax Year 2023 eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML) Schemas and Business Rules for the following forms in Processing Year 2023.

Tax Year 2022 Schema Versions:

  • Form 990x: TY2022v4.0
  • Form 990-T: TY2022v5.0
  • Form 1120-POL: TY2022v5.0
  • Form 4720: TY2022v2.0
  • Form 5227: TY2022v2.0
  • Form 5330: TY2022v2.0

Tax Year 2023 Schema Version:

  • Form 8038-CP: TY2023v2.0

The Schemas and Business Rules referenced above will be available for use in ATS. Additional changes will be made to the schema that may affect the availability in Production.

Accessing the Schemas and Business Rules

Distribution of the schemas and business rules is now through the Registered User Portal and your e-services mailbox. This mailbox is part of the Secure Object Repository (SOR). Users will access their mailbox in their existing e-services account to pick up the schema and business rules packages.

Additional Information

We package the XML Schemas by form type and version number. Each package includes "DIFF" files that identify the difference between the schema version listed above and the previous schema version.

We also package the Business Rules by form type and version number. Each package includes two different formats that contain identical information – Adobe (.pdf) and comma separated file (.csv). A column within the file identifies changes made from the previous version.

Key schema changes are listed below:

  • All Forms: Updates to ReturnHeader.xsd file.
  • Forms 990x: Updates to shared forms and IRS990PF.xsd.
  • Forms 990-T, 1120-POL: Updates to shared forms.
  • Forms 4720, 5227, 5330, and 8038-CP: Updates to BinaryAttachments.xsd, efileTypes.xsd, efileAttachments.xsd.

If you have any questions about the Schemas or Business Rules, please send your inquiry to the MeF Mailbox.

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