Help with Transmitting a Return


Error Message

“Required information is missing in your return.

Please verify that your name, social security number, and address fields are completed in your main form, and all sections in Step 2 have the required information.

Click on the E-File Instructions button at the bottom of previous page for more information.”

When you receive this error message, look in the following places for correction.

The Tax Return

  1. Missing address (including street, city, state and ZIP code).
  2. Make sure you don't enter your city state and zip code information all in the city field.  Use the tab key to make sure you enter your information in the correct fields on the top of your 1040.  
  3. Select State from the drop down and enter the Zip code to the right in its own field.
  4. Missing or partial name(s).
  5. Spaces or special characters in a name (e.g. O’Brian). No apostrophes or hyphens are allowed.
  6. Missing Social Security Number (SSN).  Verify your SSN to make sure it is correct.


  1. Section 2 - For Form 1040, the amounts in Lines D and E must match. I they do not match you have a problem with Federal withholding on your tax form or the amounts from your other income documents.
  2. Section 3 - You failed to enter Your Last Year's AGI or Last Year’s Signature PIN for the Taxpayer or Spouse. If you are not filing jointly, make sure you did not select “Married Filing Joint” as your filing status.  If you are filing jointly, enter last year's AGI or Signature PIN for your Spouse.
  3. Section 4 - You failed to enter a “Date.”
  4. Section 4 - You failed to enter a five number PIN or DOB for the Taxpayer or Spouse. If you are not filing jointly, make sure you did not select “Married Filing Joint” as your filing status.
  5. Section 5 - If you are getting a refund, skip Section 5, "How to pay your taxes due" and leave section 5 completely blank.  
  6. Section 5A - You failed to complete all the necessary areas to make the electronic withdrawal from your checking or savings account (including a 10 digit phone number and checking the “I Agree” box),
  7. Section 5 - If you are expecting a refund, you need to remove check in the box by "I Agree to pay by electronic withdrawal" box. 
  8. Section 6 - You have not verified your email address. 

Error Message

“This return has already been submitted.”

  1. Double-check your return to make sure your Social Security numbers are correct.
  2. Correct the SSNs on the return and transmit again.
  3. If the SSNs are correct, call the IRS at 800-829-1040 or 800-908-4490.
    • Speak with an IRS Customer Service Representative.
    • You may also want to visit our page on ID Issues.
  4. If you may have to print and mail your return.

When your transmission is successful, you will receive notification email from After the IRS receives your return, you will receive a second email from stating it was accepted or rejected by the IRS. If you do not receive both emails, you could have problems receiving email. (Check for your email in your spam or junk folders.)

If your return will not transmit, contact us.