Transmission problems contact page


This page is only for Free File Fillable Forms users

This page is for reporting problems experienced when attempting to transmit or “E-File” your Free File Fillable Forms return. This is not the same as having a Rejected Return.

If you are having transmission problems with another tax filing application, return to that application’s webpage for assistance.

You can receive assistance through this page when:

  1. You are using the Free File Fillable Forms Program
  2. You are unable to transmit your Free File Fillable Forms return

When you Contact Us, with your transmission related problem, please describe it in detail, including any related error messages, and steps you have taken to resolve it. Include your User ID and the email address used to establish the account.

Do not email personal information, such as a Social Security Number or a physical address.

We apologize for any delay in responding to your email.