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From your rejection email, copy the portion we show in bold (in the sample) and paste it into the search box. If you have more than one error, copy and paste only one error at a time into the search box.

Sample Rejection Email

Dear Free File Taxpayer:

The IRS rejected your federal return.

Your Submission ID is: 90000020160151234567     

To get help, go to, find a solution and efile again. If you e-file again, be sure to re-enter the direct debit date (if used) and the e-file date in the Step 2 tab of Free Fillable Forms.

Here's the reason for the rejection:

Issue : Business Rule X0000-005 - The XML data has failed schema validation. cvc-minInclusive-valid. Value '-1500' is not facet-valid with respect to minInclusive '0' for type 'USAmountNNType'.

The following information may help you determine the form at issue:


You will need to fix the issue in your return and efile again. If you are unable to fix the issue, you will have to print the return and file by mail.

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