Information about the Joint Board


The Joint Board consists of three members appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury, two members appointed by the Secretary of Labor and one non-voting representative appointed by the Director of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC). Each year, the Joint Board elects from among its members a Chair and a Secretary for a one-year term. The by-laws also provide for the appointment of an alternate to serve in the absence of a board member. The current members of the Joint Board and the expiration of their current appointments are:

Labor Appointments Term Expires Title
Chet Andrzejewski, EA November 29, 2024 Secretary
Thomas M. Hindmarch March 31, 2022 Board Member
Yolanda R. Wartenberg March 31, 2022 Alternate Member
Treasury Appointments Term Expires Title
Kevin M. Hacker, EA June 30, 2024 Chair
C. Leonora Kwan, EA June 30, 2024 Board Member
Joleah M. White, EA May 28, 2023 Board Member
Christopher M. Denning, EA June 30, 2024 Alternate Member
PBGC Appointments Term Expires Title
Scott G. Young, EA November 30, 2021 PBGC Member