Tax Tips for December 2021

準備報稅:以下是 2022 年申報時的新狀況和需要考慮的問題

COVID 稅收提示,2021-187,2021 年 12 月 16 日 — 國稅局鼓勵納稅人瞭解與 2022 年申報聯邦稅有關的各項主題。各項主題包括與慈善捐款、經濟影響補助金和子女稅收抵免預付款有關的特殊步驟。


美國國稅局稅收提示,2021-186,2021 年 12 月 15 日 - 隨著報稅季節的臨近,納稅人應在 上查閱兩份國稅局出版物。這些出版物可以幫助人們做好準備,並為全年的稅務規劃提供建議。


美國國稅局稅收提示,2021-185,2021 年 12 月 14 日 - 當納稅人準備提交 2022 年的報稅表時,他們可能正在考慮雇用報稅人。國稅局提醒納稅人要明智地選擇報稅人。

Tax professionals should review data safeguards

Tax Tip 2021-184, December 13, 2021 — With the tax filing season around the corner, the IRS and its Security Summit partners remind tax pros to review their security measures. The Taxes-Security-Together Checklist can help tax professionals identify the basic steps they should take to safeguard their clients and their business.

Tax benefits of making a business accessible to workers and customers with disabilities

Tax Tip 2021-183, December 9, 2021 ― Businesses that make structural adaptations or other accommodations for employees or customers with disabilities may be eligible for tax credits and deductions.

Security tip for tax pros: Remember to safeguard EFINs

Tax Tip 2021-182, December 8, 2021 ― Tax professionals are prime targets for criminals. These criminals not only want to steal client data, but also the professionals' data, such as their electronic filing identification numbers.

新線上身份驗證流程用於存取 IRS 自助工具

IRS 稅務提示 2021-181,2021 年 12 月 7 日 - IRS 最近推出改進的身份驗證及登入流程,以使更多人能夠安全存取並使用 IRS 線上工具及應用程式。

Highlights from 2021 National Tax Security Awareness Week

Tax Tip 2021-180, December 6, 2021 ― The IRS and its Security Summit partners recently held the annual National Tax Security Awareness Week. One of the key messages this year was even if someone doesn't file a tax return, their online interactions can lead to scammers stealing sensitive information and using it to try and get a tax refund.


IRS 稅務提示 2021-179,2021 年 12 月 3 日 - 網路犯罪是網路世界持續關注的問題,這代表當共享設備、線上購物及在社交媒體上互動時,每個人都必須注意風險。儘管這可能看起來令人心生畏懼,但實際上並非如此。一些小小的安全措施便可降低遭受線上安全威脅的風險。

Holiday scam reminder: Gift cards are never used to make tax payments

Tax Tip 2021-178, December 2, 2021 ― This holiday season the IRS reminds taxpayers, the agency won't ask for or accept gift cards as payment for a tax bill. However, that doesn't stop scammers from targeting taxpayers by asking them to pay a fake tax bill with gift cards.

納稅人現在可以做些什麼來準備 2022 年的納稅申報

COVID 稅收提示 2021-177,2021 年 12 月 1 日 - 納稅人現在可以採取一些措施來確保其 2022年報稅流程順利,包括領取振興預付款或子女稅優惠預付款的人。他們可以在 上瀏覽準備頁面。

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