How to Settle Your Debt With the IRS on Your Own - YouTube video text script


You've likely seen and heard ads from companies claiming they can settle your debt with the IRS for "pennies on the dollar."

They claim you need their services to strike a deal and pay less to the IRS.

The truth is third parties can't always deliver on claims to reduce tax debt and obtain waivers of penalties and interest.

Mind you… there are legitimate tax professionals who can help you make a valid offer to the IRS.

We're just trying to save you from being scammed by the bad ones.

To help you avoid getting scammed… we have created how-to videos.

They walk you through the Offer in Compromise or O-I-C process.

They have easy-to-navigate information that includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions of each form along with examples.
  • And a checklist to make sure you include everything needed to submit a valid offer.

So don't get scammed!

If you need to make an offer to the IRS, check out the O-I-C how-to videos and get started.

For more information… go to I-R-S-videos-dot-gov-slash-O-I-C.