Treasury, IRS issue guidance for the elective payment of advanced manufacturing investment credit


IR-2024-62, March 5, 2024

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) today issued final regulations that provide guidance for the entities choosing the elective payment for the advanced manufacturing investment credit, established by the CHIPS Act of 2022.

The final regulations include special rules for partnerships and S corporations making the election. In addition, the final regulations provide rules related to the mandatory pre-filing registration requirement that were previously issued as temporary regulations.

This credit will incentivize the manufacturing of semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment within the United States. The credit is available to taxpayers that meet certain eligibility requirements, and there is the ability for taxpayers to make an elective payment election to be treated as making a refundable payment against the tax equal to the amount of the credit. A partnership or S corporation can make an elective payment election to receive a payment, instead of claiming the credit.

The final regulations provide guidance related to the mandatory IRS pre-filing registration process, which is available through pre-filing registration tool. The pre-filing registration process must be completed, and a registration number received, prior to making an elective payment election.

For more information, see Publication 5884, Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and CHIPS Act of 2022 (CHIPS) Pre-Filing Registration Tool User GuidePDF.