What is Campus Support?


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After the Submission Processing (SP) consolidation, mail will still be received in Fresno. The Campus Support function will process all receipts, correspondence, and remittances once Fresno SP consolidates.

  • It is estimated that Fresno's mail receipts will decrease by approximately 70% or more after consolidation.
  • The Campus Support function will assume all residual mail processing functions after the SP consolidation and be responsible for processing all incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Campus Support will report to the Site Coordinator in Accounts Management.
  • The stand-up date for Campus Support will be August 2, 2021. Training will begin on July 19, 2021. This date is subject to change based on building occupancy availability.
  • All Campus Support positions will be located in the Northpointe Building, 3211 S Northpointe Dr., Fresno, CA.

The average work day of a Campus Support employee will be very similar to the duties currently performed by Receipt & Control employees.

  • Campus Support will be in the NorthPointe building located at 3211 S Northpointe Dr, Fresno, CA.
  • Incoming mail will still be extracted and sorted at Tingle Tables.
  • Due to the lower volume of mail, employees may perform various duties throughout the course of their workday such as:
    • Extraction & Candling
    • Processing outgoing mail
    • Working files requests
    • Transshipping
    • Processing Undeliverables
    • Reviewing outgoing C-Letters
    • Performing Correspondence Imaging duties
    • Depositing remittances

There are some differences between current mail processing procedures and Campus Support duties.

  • Due to the decreased volume of mail, only one SCAMPS machine will be moved to NorthPointe, with less sorters, and the MUFFY machine is not used.
  • Slicers are used as a back-up to open mail, and outgoing mail requiring enclosures are hand stuffed.
  • Payments will be processed using the Remittance Strategy – Paper Check Conversion (RS-PCC) system. Advantages to using RS-PCC include:
    • Paper checks are converted to an electronic transaction using scanners.
    • Checks are destroyed 60 days after scanning.
    • Checks are deposited the day they are received.
    • Float time and transshipping costs are reduced.

If you need help, visit the Career Opportunity & Resource Engagement (CORE) room or contact wispemployeefocus@irs.gov.