IRS disclosure awareness videos


IRS disclosure awareness training videos are available for local, state and federal governmental agencies that receive federal tax information (FTI). The videos help agencies with their annual requirement to certify that their employees understand the security policies and procedures.

The IRS Office of Safeguards created three agency specific videos to help explain several key concepts in protecting the confidentiality of FTI. Topics discussed include the eight key tenets of safeguarding FTI, the importance of Publication 1075, Safeguards webpage, submission of information to Safeguards and the penalties for unauthorized browsing and disclosure of FTI.

General session for all agency types

General session and session for state and federal child enforcement agencies

General session and session for state human resources agencies

Building new systems

The videos present safeguards systems development aids to comply with Publication 1075 security requirements when building a new application on which federal tax information (FTI) will reside or new process which will use FTI.

Session 1 for all agencies building new systems

Session 2 for agencies building new processes or procedures

Protecting federal tax information

Presentation designed to give you information on federal tax information and the laws that protect it.

Short (10 minute) video on the on the overall protection of federal tax information (FTI)

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