News Releases for February 2019


IR-2019-25, 2019 年 2 月 28 日 - 美國國稅局今天提醒納稅人,檢查退稅的最簡單方法是“哪裡是我的退款?”(Where’s My Refund?),這是IRS.gov和IRS2Go應用程序提供的在線工具。獲得退款的最快方式是使用IRS電子文件和直接存款。

IRS waives estimated tax penalty for farmers, fishermen who file returns and pay tax by April 15

IR-2019-24, February 28, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service will waive the estimated tax penalty for any qualifying farmer or fisherman who files his or her 2018 federal income tax return and pays any tax due by Monday, April 15, 2019.



稅收時光指南:大多數受稅收改革影響的人; 特刊,其他有幫助的在線資源


Interest rates remain the same for the second quarter of 2019

IR-2019-21, February 25, 2019 — The IRS today announced that interest rates will remain the same for the calendar quarter beginning April 1, 2019, as they were in the first quarter of 2019.

IRS urges businesses to e-file cash transaction reports; It’s fast, easy and free

IR-2019-20, February 21, 2019 — The IRS today urged businesses required to file reports of large cash transactions to take advantage of the speed and convenience of filing these reports electronically.

Farmers, fishermen face March 1 tax deadline; IRS encourages convenience of IRS Direct Pay

IR-2019-19, February 19, 2019 — The IRS reminds farmers and fishermen who chose to forgo making quarterly estimated tax payments that they must file their 2018 Form 1040 along with a payment for all taxes owed by Friday, March 1, 2019.

Avoid the rush: Today marks busiest phone day of the year; check for answers to tax questions

IR-2019-18, February 19, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service alerted taxpayers that today, the day after Presidents Day, marks the busiest period for calls to its toll-free help line.


IR-2019-17,2019 年 2 月 15 日 — 美國國稅局今天提醒需要去年稅單來填寫 2018 年的納稅申報單或確認其收入的納稅人,可以使用「線上取得稅單」或「郵寄取得稅單」。

Avoid the rush: Be prepared to validate identity if contacting the IRS

IR-2019-16, February 14, 2019 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers and tax professionals that they will be asked to verify their identities if they call the IRS.

美國國稅局 (IRS) 為欠稅但不能全額付款的納稅人提供各種付款方式

IR-2019-15,2019 年 2 月 13 日 — 美國國稅局預計,大多數納稅人將受到稅法重大改變的影響。儘管大多數人會獲得退稅,但另一些人可能發現他們還在欠稅,其中許多人可能有資格免除通常適用的估計稅務罰款。

IRS provides a safe harbor method of accounting for passenger automobiles that qualify for the 100-percent additional first year depreciation

IR-2019-14, February 13, 2019 –The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issued guidance today that provides a safe harbor method for determining depreciation deductions for passenger automobiles that qualify for the 100-percent additional first year depreciation deduction and that are subject to the depreciation limitations for passenger automobiles.


IR-2019-13,2019 年 2 月 13 日 — 美國國稅局今天提醒那些可能意外欠下額外稅款的納稅人,有很多線上支付方式,還為無法全額繳稅的人提供申請付款計劃的線上選項。

避開匆忙:檢查退稅的最快方式是 上的「我的退稅在哪裡?」工具

IR-2019-12,2019 年 2 月 12 日 — 美國國稅局提醒納稅人,他們可以選擇比電話更省時的替代方案——使用 上的「我的退稅在哪裡?」工具和透過 IRS2Go 應用程式快速獲得退稅問題的解答。

National Taxpayer Advocate delivers annual report to Congress: Addresses impact of shutdown; urges more funding for IT modernization

IR-2019-11, February 12, 2019 — National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson today released her 2018 Annual Report to Congress, describing challenges the IRS is facing as a result of the recent government shutdown and recommending that Congress provide the IRS with additional multi-year funding to replace its core 1960s-era information technology (IT) systems.

Avoid the rush over Presidents Day holiday; online tools, resources can help

IR-2019-10, February 11, 2019 — With a new tax law in effect and a surge of tax returns expected during the Presidents Day weekend, the IRS is offering taxpayers several tips and various time-saving resources to get them the help they need quickly and easily.


IR-2019-09,2019 年 2 月 7 日 — 今天,在 2019 年報稅季的第二週結束時,美國國稅局警告納稅人避免使用不道德的報稅員,稱為幽靈報稅員。

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