Taxpayer First Act - IRS Organizational Redesign Strategy

Connected collage of people doing different tasks

IRS organizational structure (Section 1302)

Under the Act, the Treasury Department is required to develop a comprehensive plan to redesign the organization of the IRS. Treasury must submit the plan to Congress by Sept. 30, 2020. Among other things, the plan must:

  • Streamline the agency's structure to minimize duplicate services and responsibilities.
  • Best position IRS to combat cybersecurity threats and others.
  • Address whether the IRS Criminal Investigation Division should report directly to the commissioner.

One year after the IRS submits the plan to Congress, former law about the IRS's organizational structure will no longer apply. Earlier law required IRS to organize in operating units that serve groups of taxpayers with similar needs. 

As the agency developed recommendations for an organizational redesign, we addressed the insights we gathered and identify a structure that will:

  • Increase collaboration and provide the CIR a more direct line of sight into business operations and functions
  • Coordinate strategic implementation of large-scale initiatives
  • Enhance innovation, particularly around technology
  • Strengthen communications
  • Improve the taxpayer experience
  • Prioritize taxpayer rights

Read the Organizational Redesign Strategy in the TFA Report to CongressPDF.


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