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Partnership Returns, 2014 PDF
By Ron DeCarlo and Nina Shumofsky

Partnership Returns, Tax Year 2014. The number of partnerships and partners in the United States continued to increase for Tax Year 2014. Partnerships filed more than 3.5 million returns for the year, representing more than 27 million partners. The real estate and leasing sector contained more than half of all partnerships (50.3 percent) and over a quarter of all partners (28.5 percent).

Excel Tables: By Sector or Industry, By Entity Type, By Size of Total Assets

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Transactions Between Large Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporations and Related Foreign Persons, 2010 PDF
by Isaac J. Goodwin

Transactions Between Large Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporations and Foreign Related Persons, Tax Year 2010: The total value of nonloan transactions between large foreign-owned domestic corporations and related foreign parties amounted to $1.208 trillion for Tax Year 2010, a 1.8-percent increase from the 2008 study’s $1.187 trillion.  This represents the second-highest total since the inception of the study, trailing only 2006’s $1.861 trillion.  Sales (59.4 percent) and purchases of stock-in-trade (75.2 percent) represent the bulk of the total value of nonloan transactions, which is consistent with prior years.

Excel Tables: 1 XLS, 2 XLS, 3 XLS 

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Sole Proprietorship Returns, Tax Year 2014 PDF
by Adrian Dungan

For Tax Year 2014, taxpayers reported nonfarm sole proprietorship activity on approximately 24.6 million individual income tax returns, a 2.3-percent increase from 2013. Profits rose to $317.1 billion in 2014, a 4.9-percent increase from the previous year. In constant dollars, total nonfarm sole proprietorship profits increased 3.2 percent in 2014. Total profits as a percentage of business receipts were 22.7 percent for 2014, the second highest level in this data series which begins in 1988.

Excel Tables: 1 XLS, 2

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