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SOI Tax Stats - Transactions of Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporations

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  • Data are taken from Form 5472 - Information Return of a Foreign Owned Corporation.
  • "Owned" generally indicates that a foreign entity owns 25 percent or more of the U.S. corporation's voting stock.

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Statistical Tables

Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporations with Total Receipts of $500 Million or More and with Form 5472 Attached: Transactions Between Corporations and Related Foreign Persons
     Classified by: Industry*
     Tax Years:

2014,    2012,     2010,     2008,     2006,    2004,    2002,     2000,      1998,     1996,     1994,     1993,    1992


     Classified by: Country of Residence of Related Foreign Person
     Tax Years: 2014,      2012,     2010,     2008,     2006,    2004,    2002,     2000,     1998,     1996,     1994,     1993,     1992


     Classified by: Industry and Country of Residence of Related Foreign Person*
     Tax Years: 2012,     2010,     2008,     2006,    2004,    2002,     2000,      1998,     1996,     1994, 1993,     1992

*For Study Years prior to 1998, industrial sectors are classified using the Standard Industry Classification (SIC).  Study Years from 1998 to present use the North American Industry Classification (NAICS).

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SOI Bulletin Articles

The following are available as PDF files.  A free Adobe® reader is available for download, if needed.

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Form 5472 Line Item Estimates



A free Excel Viewer is available for download, if needed.

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