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In accordance with OMB Statistical Policy Directive 4, "Release and Dissemination of Statistical Products Produced by Federal Statistical Agencies," adopted on April 7, 2008, IRS' Statistics of Income Division provides information about the release dates of its statistical data products by providing: a quarterly schedule of Upcoming Data Releases; an annual Full Calendar Year Public Release Schedule; and an annual list of Program Details about all SOI programs. It is important to note that release dates on these schedules are tentative; some release dates may change during the year; and new entries may be added or others replaced as necessary. The list will be updated as new information becomes available. Customers can also be notified through our Tax Stats listserv and What's New webpage. For more details about specific release dates or questions about SOI data, contact our Statistical Information Services staff.

Statistics of Income Releases — January 1, 2023 – March 31, 2023

Release Date Program Name Program Description Program Year
1/17/2023 Individuals, Mid-November Filing Season Statistics This study presents data from the population of all U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns (Forms 1040) processed by the IRS at three critical points during the calendar year: late-May, mid-July, and mid-November. Data are presented for selected sources of income, deductions, credits, and individual income taxes. The tables are classified by size of adjusted gross income. 2022
1/27/2023 Individuals, Estate Tax Year of Death This triennial study provides data on gross estates and its composition, deductions, tax, and information on the age, sex, and marital status of decedents, and whose at death gross assets, the "gross estate" exceed the filing threshold. Basic estate tax return data, for a specific tax year. SOI collects these data from United States Estate (and Generation Skipping Transfer) Tax Returns (Forms 706) as part of its Individual Income Tax Statistics program, and they are used to produce SOI's Personal Wealth Statistics study. 2019
2/16/2023 Individuals, Information Returns Line Item Estimates (Publication 5385) This 2020 Statistics of Income (SOI) Information Returns, line item estimates publication provides estimates of frequencies and amounts of the entries on the lines of the forms filed for selected information returns that accompany the 2020 Individual SOI complete report weighted file. The estimates presented here are based on returns filed in Processing Year 2021 and 2022 that were sampled statistically and then weighted to estimate the entire 2020 Tax Year. 2020
2/23/2023 Individuals, High-Income Returns Study This annual study provides detailed data on individual income tax returns with adjusted gross income or expanded income greater than $200,000. It also examines high-income nontaxable returns (HINTs) and the reason for nontaxability. SOI collects these data from U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns (Forms 1040) as part of its annual study on Individual Tax Return (Form 1040) Statistics, Individual High Income Tax Returns. 2019
2/24/2023 Individuals, Noncash Charitable Contributions This annual study provides data on individual taxpayers whose noncash donations exceed $500 when reported as charitable contributions. Data include detailed asset donations, descriptions of the donees, donor cost, fair market value, and the deduction claimed. SOI collects these data from U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns (Forms 1040), Itemized Deductions (Schedule A) with Noncash Charitable Contributions (Forms 8283) attached as part of its Individual Income Tax Returns (Form 1040) Statistics program. 2020
2/28/2023 SOI Bulletin, Winter Issue (Publication 1136) This quarterly publication provides data available from various tax and information returns filed by U.S. taxpayers. Data are analyzed from various types of tax and information returns, as well as information from periodic or special analytical studies of particular interest to the public, researchers, tax policymakers, and tax administrators. SOI publishes the Statistics of Income Bulletin quarterly: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 2023
3/14/2023 Projections (Publication 6961) This annual publication contains multi-year projections by State of the number of tax returns to be filed with the IRS as determined by the addresses on the tax returns. It includes detailed projections for approximately 50 different individual, business, and tax-exempt return types (such as Forms 1040, 1120, 941, and 990) by filing medium (paper versus electronic). Publication 6961 is one of five publications developed by the SOI Division, providing Projections of Federal Tax Return Filings. 2022
3/30/2023 IRS Data Book (Publication 55B) The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Data Book is published annually to provide a snapshot of agency activities. The publication contains statistical tables and organizational information on a fiscal year basis. The report provides data on returns filed, taxes collected, and refunds issued, enforcing the law, assisting the taxpayer, and the IRS budget and workforce. SOI also publishes an online graphical version of this publication on its Tax Stats Web page as part of its ongoing support of IRS Operations. 2022

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