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In accordance with OMB Statistical Policy Directive 4, "Release and Dissemination of Statistical Products Produced by Federal Statistical Agencies," adopted on April 7, 2008, IRS' Statistics of Income Division provides information about the release dates of its statistical data products by providing: a quarterly schedule of Upcoming Data Releases; an annual Full Calendar Year Public Release Schedule; and an annual list of Program Details about all SOI programs. It is important to note that release dates on these schedules are tentative; some release dates may change during the year; and new entries may be added or others replaced as necessary. The list will be updated as new information becomes available. Customers can also be notified through our Tax Stats listserv and What's New webpage. For more details about specific release dates or questions about SOI data, contact our Statistical Information Services staff.

Statistics of Income Releases - January 1, 2020–March 31, 2020

Release Date Program Name Program Description Program Year
01/23/2020 Heavy Highway Vehicles Use Tax Return, Calendar Years 2015-2019 (Q4 Release) Data presented include the number of electronically filed heavy highway vehicles use tax returns (Form 2290) by month at the National level. 2019
2/27/2020 Individuals, Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) Information This annual study provides data detailing the total fair market value for IRAs, the number of taxpayers receiving distributions, and the total contributions made to the various types of IRAs. Data for the study are from matched samples of individual income tax returns (Forms 1040), IRA contribution information (Forms 5498), and distributions from IRAs (Forms 1099-R) filed. 2018
2/27/2020 Individuals, Advance Data This annual study provides information on income, deductions, taxes, and credits reported on individual income tax returns and associated schedules. The file contains information on returns filed through September 2019 weighted up to represent a full year of data.. 2018
2/27/2020 SOI Bulletin, Winter Issue, Publication 1136 This quarterly publication provides the earliest published annual financial statistics obtained from the various types of tax and information returns filed with the IRS, as well as information from periodic or special analytical studies. 2019
3/5/2020 Individuals, Income Tax Percentiles by State This study provides data on income and tax distributions for nondependent individual income tax returns with positive adjusted gross income (AGI) by percentiles and State. 2017
3/12/2020 Individuals, Estate Tax This annual study provides information on a gross estate and its composition, deductions, and tax, and information on the age, sex, and marital status of decedents. Basic estate tax return data, by year in which returns are filed, are produced each year. Other statistics are available on a year-of-death basis (approximately every 3 years). 2018
3/26/2020 IRS Data Book, Publication 55B This report describes activities conducted by the Internal Revenue Service during Fiscal Year 2019 (October 1, 2018, through September 30, 2019). It provides information on returns filed and taxes collected, enforcement, taxpayer assistance, the IRS budget and workforce, and other selected activities. 2019
3/31/2020 Corporations, Foreign-Controlled Domestic The Tax Year 2016 study covers domestic corporations with 50-percent-or-more stock ownership by a single foreign "person." It covers balance sheet, income statement, and tax-related data, which are classified by industry group, country, and size and age of the corporations. Data are compared to those for other domestic corporations. 2016

2020 Full Calendar Year Public Release Schedule (XLSX) 

Includes all scheduled public releases for Calendar Year 2019.

2020 Program Details (XLSX)        

An alphabetical list of all 2020 Statistics of Income programs, including end of tax year dates, filing periods, and sampling periods.

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