Taxpayer First Act - IRS Training

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Training of IRS employees (Section 2402)

The Act requires IRS to submit a written report to Congress providing a complete training strategy for IRS employees.

In developing the Training Strategy, the IRS collected insights and feedback from IRS executives, managers, employees and external stakeholders.

The IRS researched and evaluated characteristics of the current state of training, the ideal structure and capabilities of IRS enterprise-wide training and the costs necessary to implement that change. The Training Strategy is a multi-faceted approach to empowering the workforce, and equipping them with the skills and tools they need to:

  • Advance their careers
  • Provide high-quality service to taxpayers
  • Enhance the taxpayer experience

We aim to accomplish this through:

  • IRS University learning organization
  • Taxpayer Experience Strategy and organizational awareness training for all employees
  • Improving technology for training platforms
  • A continuous learning environment

Training evaluations to consistently improve.

Read the Training Strategy in the TFA Report to CongressPDF.​​