My electronic tax return keeps getting rejected because a dependent's social security number (SSN) is used more than once on one return or is used on another return. What should I do?

If you have verified the SSNs for all your dependents with the Social Security Administration and no one else is authorized to claim them, the following scenario probably applies to you:

  • The SSN in question also appears as the filer, spouse, or dependent on another tax return for this same year.
  • Whether the cause of this rejection is the result of a typo on another return or an attempt by another party to claim a benefit using your dependent's SSN, the IRS has security measures in place to ensure the accuracy of returns submitted.
  • The IRS will, in some cases, contact taxpayers using the same SSN to claim a benefit and ask them to reconsider their eligibility or to provide supporting documentation.
  • If you've verified this dependent's SSN and found no errors, unfortunately you need to file a paper return.
  • Don't attach any information or documents with your return proving your eligibility to claim a dependent; if needed, the IRS will contact you by mail for any supporting documentation.


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