SOI Estate Tax Data Tables, Filing Years

The data included in these SOI tables are for returns filed during a single calendar year. Because of the relatively long filing period, estate tax returns filed in a single calendar year may be for decedents who died in several different years.

Data tables are available in Excel. A free Excel viewer is available for download, if needed.

Data Presented Classified By Tax Years
Table 1. Selected Income, Deduction and Tax Computation Items, by Tax Status and Size of Gross Estate Tax Status and Size of Gross Estate 2021XLSX 2020XLSX 2019XLSX 2018XLSX 2017XLSX 2016XLSX 2015XLSX 2014XLSX 2013XLSX 2014XLSX 2013XLSX 2012XLSX 2011XLSX 2010XLSX 2009XLSX 2008XLSX 2007XLSX 2006XLSX 2005XLSX 2004XLSX 2003XLSX 2002XLSX 2001XLSX 2000XLSX 1999XLSX 1998XLSX 1997XLSX 1996XLSX 1995XLSX
Table 2. Selected Tax Computation Items, by State of Residence State of Residence

2021XLSX  2020XLSX  2019XLSX  2018XLSX  2017XLSX 2016XLSX  2015XLSX  2014XLSX  2013XLSX  2012XLSX  2011XLSX  2010XLSX  2009XLSX  2008XLSX  2007XLSX  2006XLSX  2005XLSX  2004XLSX  2003XLSX  2002XLSX  2001XLSX  2000XLSX  1999XLSX  1998XLSX  1997XLSX  1996XLSX  1995XLSX

Table 3. Charitable Bequests, by State of Residence State of Residence 2021XLSX  2020XLSX  2019XLSX  2018XLSX  2017XLSX  2016XLSX  2015XLSX  2014XLSX  2013XLSX  2012XLSX  2011XLSX  2010XLSX
Table 4. Bequests Reported for Estate Tax Returns, by Beneficiary Type Beneficiary Type 2021XLSX  2020XLSX
Table 5. Estate Tax Returns Filed, Net Worth and Net Estate Tax, by Occupation and Gender Occupation and Gender 2021XLSX  2020XLSX

The Tax Stats Table Wizard tool is no longer available due to declining usage and budgetary pressures.  However, both the public-use microdata and aggregated data used in the Table Wizard programs remain available as part of SOI's Tax Stats Web pages. For any questions or concerns, contact Statistical Information Services.

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