Child tax credit, Adopted child.
(see also Child tax credit)
Afghanistan, Afghanistan area.
Aliens, Alien Status
Amount of exclusion, Amount of Exclusion
Arabian peninsula, Arabian peninsula.
Assistance (see Tax help)


Child tax credit, Child Tax Credit
Modified adjusted gross income, Modified AGI.
Qualifying child, Qualifying Child
Child, qualifying, Qualifying child.
Claims for tax forgiveness, Claims for Tax Forgiveness
Codes, W-2, Form W-2 Codes
Combat zone
Election to include pay for earned income credit, Nontaxable combat pay election.
Exclusion, Combat Zone Exclusion
Extension of deadlines, Service That Qualifies for an Extension of Deadline
Related forgiveness, Combat Zone Related Forgiveness
Community property, Community Property, Residents of community property states.
Contingency operation, Service That Qualifies for an Extension of Deadline
Child tax, Child Tax Credit
Earned income, Earned Income Credit
Excess social security tax withheld, Credit for Excess Social Security Tax Withheld
First-time homebuyer, First-Time Homebuyer Credit


Decedents, Forgiveness of Decedent's Tax Liability
Deductions, itemized, Itemized Deductions
Domicile, Domicile.
Dual-status aliens, Dual-Status Aliens


Earned income credit, Earned Income Credit
Social security card, Social security number.
Social security number, Social security number.
Educational expenses, Educational Expenses
Employee business expenses, Employee Business Expenses
Excess social security tax withholding credit, Credit for Excess Social Security Tax Withheld
Excess withholding credit
How to take, How to take the credit.
Employee business, Employee Business Expenses
Moving, Moving Expenses
Extension of deadlines, Extension of Deadlines
Extension of time to file, Extensions


Family, Adopted child.
(see also Child tax credit)
Filing returns, Filing Returns
First-time homebuyer credit, First-Time Homebuyer Credit
Mortgage settlement payouts, Foreclosures
Foreign income, Foreign Source Income
Foreign moves, Foreign Moves
1040, Foreign Moves, Itemized Deductions, Where To File
1040A, Where To File
1040EZ, Where To File
1040NR, Nonresident Aliens
2106, Employee Business Expenses, Reimbursement.
2106-EZ, Employee Business Expenses
2848, Signing Returns, Spouse overseas.
3903, Moving Expenses
4868, Extensions
W-2, Form W-2 Codes, Form W-2., Nontaxable combat pay election.
Foster care
Child tax credit, Qualifying Child
Free tax services, Preparing and filing your tax return.


Gross income, Gross Income


Foreign source, Foreign Source Income
Gross, Gross Income
Individual retirement arrangements, Individual Retirement Arrangements
Installment agreement
Payment deferment, Request for deferment.
Interest rate (maximum), Maximum Rate of Interest
Iraq, Arabian peninsula.
Itemized deductions, Itemized Deductions


Kosovo, The Kosovo area.


Military action related forgiveness, Terrorist or Military Action Related Forgiveness
Military Spouses Residency Relief Act
Domicile, Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (MSRRA)
Miscellaneous itemized deductions, Employee Business Expenses
Missing status, Missing status., Spouse in missing status., Missing status.
Modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)
Child tax credit limits, Modified AGI.
Moving expenses, Moving Expenses


Nonresident aliens, Nonresident Aliens


Permanent change of station, Permanent change of station.
Personal representative, Forgiveness of Decedent's Tax Liability
Power of attorney, Signing Returns
Professional dues, Professional Dues
Publications (see Tax help)


Qualifying child, Qualifying child.


Employee business expenses, Reimbursement.
Moving and storage, Services or reimbursements provided by the government.
Uniforms, Uniforms
Reservists, Armed Forces reservists.
Travel, Armed Forces Reservists
Uniforms, Uniforms
Resident aliens, Resident Aliens
Filing, Filing Returns
Signing, Signing Returns


Sale of home, Sale of Home
Same-sex marriage, Same-Sex Marriage
SCRA violation payouts, Foreclosures
Separate returns, Separate returns.
Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Maximum Rate of Interest
Serving in a combat zone, Serving in a Combat Zone
Social security numbers (SSNs)
Earned income credit, Residency test.
Deadline extension, Spouses.
Died, Spouse died during the year.
Incapacitated, Spouse incapacitated.
Missing, Spouse in missing status.
Nonresident alien, Treating nonresident alien spouse as resident alien.
Overseas, Spouse overseas.
State bonus payments, State bonus payments.


Tax forgiven, Combat Zone Related Forgiveness
Tax help, How To Get Tax Help
Temporary work location, Temporary work location.
Terrorist related forgiveness, Terrorist or Military Action Related Forgiveness
Transportation, Armed Forces reservists.
Transportation expenses, Transportation Expenses
Travel expenses, Travel Expenses
TTY/TDD information, How To Get Tax Help


Uniforms, Uniforms


When to file, When To File
Where to file, Where To File


Yugoslavia, The Kosovo area.

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