Business tax account

You can view your tax information on record with the IRS and do more with a business tax account.

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Who can use this

You can use a business tax account if you have this type of business:

Sole proprietor: If you’re a sole proprietor who files business tax returns with an employer identification number (EIN).

Note: A limited liability company (LLC) that reports business income on Form 1040 Schedule C can’t use a business tax account at this time.

Partnership or S corporation: If you’re an individual partner or individual shareholder, you can access a business account if you have both:

  • A Social Security number or an individual tax ID number (ITIN) 
  • A Schedule K-1 on file (for partners, from 2012-2022; for shareholders, from 2006-2022)

What you can do

Sole proprietor

You can access these features:


  • View business information on file
  • Manage business users

Account balance and payments

  • View balance due
  • Make same-day and scheduled payments
  • View payment history

Tax records

  • View tax transcripts
  • View tax compliance report
  • View tax certificate for award use

Other features

  • Notices and letters
  • Registration for clean energy credits (if eligible) 

Partnerships and S corporations

If you’re an individual partner or shareholder, you can access these features for the tax years when you received a Schedule K-1 (more tax years coming soon):


  • View limited business information on file

Account balance and payments

  • View balance due
  • Make same-day and scheduled payments
  • View payment history

Accessibility guide

If you use a screen reader, magnifier or voice-command software, refer to the business tax account accessibility guide.

Business tax account versus online account

Use business tax account if you file business tax returns as a sole proprietor with an EIN. For example: Form 941 for employment taxes or Form 2290 for highway use tax.

Use online account if you file personal tax returns with your Social Security number (SSN) or individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). For example: Form 1040 for individual income tax.

Creating a new account

For help see how to register for certain online self-help tools.

Customer service

IRS customer service representatives can help with your tax and payments questions, but they can't access your business tax account. Find phone and local assistance.