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Filing requirement, forms, due date

Amended return - Should I file one?
Decedent - How do I file their tax return?
Federal tax return due date/extension - When is it due or am I eligible for an extension?
Filing requirement - Do I need to file a tax return?
Form to file - Which one should I use?

Filing status and dependents

Dependent - Who can I claim?
Filing status - What’s mine?

Retirement: Pensions, IRAs, Social Security

Early distributions from IRA or other plans - Do I meet an exception to the additional tax?
Excess salary deferral to my 401(k) - How do I correct it?
Pension or annuity payment - Is mine taxable?
Rollover or transfer of IRS or other retirement plan - Do I have to report it on my tax return?
Roth distribution - Is it taxable?
SEP or SIMPLE IRA distribution - Is it taxable?
Social Security or railroad retirement tier I benefits - Are mine taxable?

Other income

Estate executor or administrator fees - Are they taxable?
Gambling winnings/losses - How do I claim them?
Gift - Is it taxable?
Inheritance - Is mine taxable?
Jury duty payment - Is it taxable?
Life insurance proceeds - Are they taxable?
Prize or award - Is it taxable?
Residential rental income/expenses - Is it taxable and/or are my expenses deductible?
Scholarship, fellowship or education grant - Do I include it as income on my tax return?
Self-employment tax - Is my income subject to this tax?
Tips - Are they taxable?
Unemployment payments - Are they taxable?


Charitable contributions - Can I deduct them?
Gambling winnings/losses - How do I claim them?
Medical and dental expenses - Can I deduct them?
Miscellaneous itemized deductions on Schedule A - Can I claim my expenses there?
Mortgage-related expenses - Can I deduct them?
Moving expenses - Can I deduct them?
Personal taxes - Can I deduct those that I pay as an itemized deduction on Schedule A?
Standard deduction - How much is mine?
Student loan interest - Can I claim a deduction for it?
Work-related education expenses - Are they deductible?


Adoption credit/employer-provided benefits - Am I eligible for this credit or to exclude these benefits?
Child and dependent care credit - Am I eligible to claim it?
Child tax credit or the credit for other dependents - Does my child/dependent qualify?
Credit for the elderly or disabled - Do I qualify?
Education credit - Am I eligible to claim it?
First-time homebuyer credit - Do I need to repay it?
Foreign tax credit - Am I eligible to claim it?
Premium tax credit - Am I eligible to claim it?
Retirement savings contributions credit - Do I qualify?


Disposition of U.S. property interest by a nonresident alien - Is federal income tax withholding required?
Foreign earned income - Can I exclude it?
Foreign tax credit - Am I eligible to claim it?
Gambling as a nonresident alien - Are my winnings exempt from federal income tax?
ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) - Am I eligible to apply?
Married to a nonresident alien - What is my filing status?
Nonresident alien U.S filing requirement - Am I required to file?
Resident or nonresident alien leaving the U.S. - Am I required to obtain a departure permit?

Other topics

Estimated tax payments - Am I required to make these payments?
Foreclosure, repossession, abandonment, loan modification or short sale - How do I report mortgage debt forgiveness?
Heavy highway vehicle use tax - Do I need to pay it?
Injured spouse refund - Do I qualify for this relief?
ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) - Am I eligible to apply?
Wages - Are mine exempt from federal income tax withholding?

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