By answering questions and providing basic income information, you can use our EITC Assistant to:

  • find out if you are eligible for EITC;
  • determine if your child or children meet the tests for a qualifying child; and
  • estimate the amount of your credit.

We have the EITC Assistant in English and Versión en Español. We also have versions for the current tax year and for prior years.

Make sure you use the right assistant. Income limits and credit amounts change from year to year.

Important Notes

  • You need to complete the full assistant at one time. When you exit the assistant, all the information you entered is erased.
  • You cannot use any income received for work performed while an inmate to claim EITC. This includes amounts for work performed while incarcerated, in a work release program, or while in a halfway house.
  • If the IRS audited you and disallowed the EITC, you may have special filing requirements and limitations. See Consequences of Errors on Your EITC Returns.
  • You can't claim EITC unless the Social Security number you, your spouse (if married filing a joint return) or a qualifying child is issued before the due date of the return including any valid extensions.*

Choose the Right EITC Assistant

Tax Year Language
English Spanish

Tax Year 2019

(returns filed during 2020)

Tax Year 2019 English Tax Year 2019 Español

Tax Year 2018

(returns filed during 2019)

Tax Year 2018 English Tax Year 2018 Español

Tax Year 2017

Tax Year 2017 English Tax Year 2017 Español

*The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes or PATH Act made several changes to the tax law, including preventing claiming the EITC for any year you or anyone listed on your tax return did not have a SSN valid for employment  issued before the due date of that year's tax return (including filed extensions).