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Full Title Acronym
ICCE, Order A TranscriptPDF ICCE-OAT In-Person Verification StudyPDF  
Identity and Tax Return Verification ServicePDF ID Verify
Identity Protection PINPDF IPPIN
Identity Theft Tax Refund Fraud Information SharingPDF IDTTRF-ISAC
Incident Management and Other DSL TreatmentPDF IMODT
Income and Family Size VerificationPDF  IFSV
Income Verification Express Service AutomationPDF COVID IVES RPA
Indian Tribal Government Technical Time ReportsPDF ITGTTR
Individual Master FilePDF IMF
Individual Master File Document Specific  (IDOCSPEC)PDF IDOCSPEC
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number Real-Time SystemPDF ITIN-RTS
Information Reporting and Document MatchingPDF IRDM
Information Return Analysis SystemPDF ISRR
Information Returns DatabasePDF IRDB
Information Return Intake System Web PortalPDF IRIS Web Portal
Information Returns ProcessingPDF IRP
Information Returns Processing Paper DocumentPDF IRPPD
Information Sharing & Reporting - SharingPDF ISR-S
Insolvency Interface ProgramPDF IIP
Integrated Automation TechnologiesPDF IAT
Integrated Collection SystemPDF ICS
Integrated Customer Communications Environment, IC (TRA)PDF TRA
Integrated Data Retrieval SystemPDF IDRS
Integrated Production ModelPDF IPM
Integrated Submission and Remittance ProcessingPDF ISRP
Integrated Virtual Learning Platform/Adobe ConnectPDF IVLP
Integrated Virtual Learning Platform ProjectPDF IVLPP
Interactive Tax Assistant/Interactive Tax Law AssistantPDF ITA/ITLA
Internal Identity & Access ManagementPDF IIAM
International Business Machine Engineering LifecyclePDF ELM
International Business Machines (IBM) System z MainPDF GSS-21
International Compliance Management Model FATCAPDF ICMM-FIR
International Correspondence ExamPDF ICE
International Data Exchange ServicePDF IDES
International Web ApplicationsPDF INTWA
Inventory and Classification DatabasePDF ICDP
Inventory Delivery SystemPDF IDS
Investigative Data Examination ApplicationPDF IDEA
Investigative WorkstationsPDF IW
IP Camera SystemPDF IP Camera
IRMOD IRIS Application ServicesPDF IRIS
IRS AWS GovCloud NetHub Core ServicesPDF ANCS
IRS Integrated Enterprise PortalsPDF  IEP
IRWorksPDF IRWorks
Issue Based Management Information SystemPDF IBMIS
Issue Management SystemPDF IMS

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