Application PIAs — C-D


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Full Title Acronym
Cade 2 MarketPlacePDF C2DM
Call Referral ProcessingPDF CRP
CDW Knowledge Graph EnvironmentPDF CKGE
CFO Accounts Receivable Dollar InventoryPDF CAMS
CFO BU Dedicated EnvironmentPDF CFO-BU-Prod
Certified Professional Employer Organization and 501(c)(4) Registration, CPEO/501(c)(4),1699,4APDF CPEO
Chapter Three WithholdingPDF CTW
Chief Counsel Advice Check SystemPDF CCA Check
Chief Counsel E-Discovery Litigation Support ServicePDF CC eDisc LSS
Chief Financial Officer - Tableau and Power BIPDF CFO Data Viz
Child Tax Credit Update PortalPDF CTCUP
Childcare Subsidy Program 2PDF CCSP
Collection Activity Reports Statutory ReportsPDF CARSR
Combined Federal/State Filing ProgramPDF CF/SF
Common Business Services and Fiscal Services Interface GatewayPDF CBS/FSIG
Common Data Processing FrameworkPDF CDPF
Compliance Data EnvironmentPDF CDE
Compliance Data WarehousePDF CDW
Consolidated Annual Tax Reporting SystemPDF CATRS
Contact RecordingPDF CR
Contract Writing System BotPDF CWSB
Continuing Education Provider Registration and Tracking SystemPDF CE-PRATS
Corporate Data InitiativePDF CDI
Correspondence e-trak CC, ECCOPDF e-trak CC
Correspondence Examination Automation SupportPDF CEAS
Counsel Automated Systems Environment – ManagementPDF CASE-MIS
Coverage Data RepositoryPDF CDR
Criminal Investigations General Support SystemPDF CI-1-GSS
Criminal Investigation Management Information SystemPDF CIMIS
Custodial Audit Support Tracking SystemPDF CASTS
Customer Account Data Engine 2PDF CADE 2
Customer Account Data Engine 2 Operational Data SoPDF CADE2ODS
Customer Callback Enterprise SolutionPDF CCES
Customer Callback Technical DemonstrationPDF CCB
Cybersecurity Data WarehousePDF CSD
Cybersecurity Data Warehouse (CSDW) Cloud InitialPDF CCI

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