Today is the filing extension deadline

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IRS Tax Tip 2019-143, October 15, 2019

Most taxpayers who requested an extension of time to file their 2018 tax return must file today. Those filing today who also owe should pay as much as possible to reduce interest and penalties.

Here are a few resources on to help last-minute filers:

  • Filing for Individuals
    This page includes a link to IRS Free File, which is available through today. IRS e-file is easy, safe and the most accurate way to file taxes.
  • Paying Your Taxes
    This page includes links to online options for people who owe. These options include Direct Pay with a bank account and paying by debit or credit card.
  • View Your Account Information
    This tool allows individual taxpayers to see the amount of taxes they owe for the current year. It also allows them to check any other year for which they have a balance.

There are some groups who still have time to file after Oct. 15.

  • Members of the military and others serving in combat zones typically have until at least 180 days after they leave the combat zone to both file returns and pay any taxes due.
  • Taxpayers in federally-declared disaster areas who already had valid extensions may have more time to file.

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