IDES Process in Six Steps 

  1. Obtain Digital Certificate from IRS Approved Certificate Authority.
  2. Create Account. Use the enrollment tool to create a user profile.
  3. Validate Authorization. Validate your approved GIIN and enter your digital certificate.  IDES will validate your authorization.
  4. Receive Enrollment Approval to access IDES via email with instructions or secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) link.
  5. Prepare & Upload Files. You must first compress and then encrypt FATCA data files.
  6. Send Package to IRS. After you transmit the data package, IDES will send a confirmation message.

IDES Resources and Support

Compression tools

A list of compatible compression tools.

Customer support

Overview of IDES customer support services and operations. Updated 08-10-2015

Data preparation

Overview and sample files for of the file preparation process. Updated 2-14-2017

Data preparation user tipsPDF

A list of common data prep errors and recommended solutions. Updated 12-06-2016.

Digital certificates

A list of IRS-approved certificate authorities and certificate types.

Digital signatures

Overview and sample files to illustrate an XML digital signature. 12-15-16

FATCA Identification Number (FIN)

Overview of the IDES enrollment process for a U.S. withholding agent (USWA), territory financial institution (TFI), third party preparer or commercial software vendor.

FATCA XML schema best practices

Overview of FATCA reporting schema best practices, character restrictions and other topics

FATCA XML schema best practices - Correct, Amend and Void Records

Overview of FATCA reporting schema best practices and sample files to correct, amend and void records. Updated 12-15-2016

FATCA XML schema best practices - DocRefId

An overview of FATCA reporting schema business rules for the DocRefId data element. Updated 08-10-2015

FATCA XML schema files

A list of FATCA reporting schema files, samples and user guides. Updated 01-10-2017

HCTA FATCA Entity ID and user name

Overview of the Host Country Tax Authority (HCTA) Entity Sender ID composition and user name

IDES Testing Schedule

An overview of the IDES testing schedule. Updated 4-11-2017

Supported browsers

A list of compatible web browsers.