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FATCA XML Schemas Best Practices for Form 8966 DocRefId

The <DocRefId> data element is a unique identifier and reference for each account report. It pools reports across all reporting financial institutions and periods. In addition, each reporting FI, sponsor and intermediary should have a unique <DocRefId> associated with each record.  For more information, review IDES Technical FAQ.

Transition Period

Beginning January 1, 2016, new business rules will validate a new <DocRefId > format. A transition period will allow users to implement the recommendation and ensure data element uniqueness. Currently, the FATCA XML Schema v1.1 accepts the new or current format.

The following format is required for standardized DocRefIds effective January 1, 2016:

Element DocRefId
Size: Minimum of 21 characters
Maximum of 200 characters
Datatype: xsd: string
Pattern: <ReportingGIIN>.<UniqueValue>
  • <ReportingGIIN> is the GIIN for the reporting FI associated with the reporting group
  • Period character (.)
  • <UniqueValue> is an identifying value for the referenced record that is unique within the reporting FI for all time.
  • Use of a globally unique identifier (GUID) is recommended.
  • S519K4.99999.SL.392.12291cc2-37cb-42a9-ad74-06bb5746b60b
  • 127BM7.00001.ME.124.406abc8a1830490e847890ba3b13a646
Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 03-Mar-2016