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990/AWS Public Data SetPDF 990/AWS
1042-S Data IntegrityPDF 1042S DI
4980H Secure ServerPDF  
Full Title Acronym
Abusive Transactions Support Unit DatabasePDF ATSU_DB
Academic Professional and Corporate Testing SystemPDF AP&C
ACA Verification ServicePDF AVS
Account Management ServicePDF AMS
Advanced Research LabPDF ARL
Adoption Taxpayer Identification NumberPDF ATIN
Affordable Care Act Compliance ValidationPDF ACV 1.0/ACV 2.0
Affordable Care Act Information ReturnsPDF AIR
AIMS-Centralized Information SystemPDF ACIS
Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Levy ProgramPDF AKPFD
Appeals Centralized Database SystemPDF ACDS
Appeals CollectorPro Web VersionPDF AP-CPro Web
Assistant Deputy Commissioner Compliance IntegrationPDF ADCCI DAS Tableau Server
Audit Information Management Systems ReferencePDF AIMS-R
Audit Information Management System (AIMS)PDF ARR
Augmented Reality PilotPDF AR
Auto Preassessed Installment AgreementPDF PAIA
Automated 6020b A6020B (A6020B)PDF A6020B
Automated Background Investigation SystemPDF ABIS
Automated Collection SystemPDF ACS
Automated Collection System (ACS) Conversational Interactive Voice ResponsePDF ACI
Automated Contract Review ToolPDF ACRT
Automated Freedom of Information ActPDF AFOIA
Automated Insolvency SystemPDF AIS
Automated Liens Systems-EntityPDF ALS-ENTITY
Automated Manual AssessmentsPDF AMA
Automated Non Master FilePDF ANMF
Automated Offers In CompromisePDF AOIC
Automated Quarterly Excise Tax ListingPDF AQETL
Automated Questionable CreditsPDF AQC
Automated Substitute for ReturnPDF ASFR
Automated Trust Fund RecoveryPDF ATFR
Automated UnderreporterPDF AUR

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