The IRS will make Direct File a permanent option for filing federal tax returns starting in the 2025 tax season following a successful filing season pilot and feedback from a variety of partners. The IRS plans to announce additional details on the 2025 expansion in the coming months.

See Direct File news for updates.

If you filed your taxes with the IRS Direct File pilot

The Direct File pilot is closed as of April 21, 2024.

You can confirm the IRS accepted your return, view and download it.

to IRS Direct File with

How to access your Direct File account dashboard and download your Direct File return

Your Direct File return is not filed if you received an email that the IRS rejected it.

Sign-in to Direct File and go to your dashboard to review the error.

You can’t resubmit a return with Direct File or use guided tax software this year. You can check to see if you qualify for free tax help from IRS-certified volunteers, find a tax preparer near you or file on paper.

  1. Sign-in to Direct File and download your return
  2. Review the error – make sure your personal and employment information is correct
  3. File a paper Form 1040
  4. Mail your return to the IRS and attach a copy of the IRS Direct File rejection email

Contact your state tax authority if you used a state-supported tool to prepare and file your state tax return.

You can e-file through October 15, 2024. Pay any tax you owe as soon as possible to avoid penalties and interest.
If you don’t usually file, consider filing your taxes anyway. You could get money back if you:

  • Qualify for a refundable tax credit
  • Had federal income tax withheld from your pay
  • Made estimated tax payments

You'll need to verify your identity and securely sign in to access your Direct File dashboard. The IRS lets you access most tax tools with one account using the same login and password.

If you filed your federal tax return with Direct File, you can download a copy of it:

  1. Sign-in to Direct File
  2. Select the IRS Direct File logo on the top left of the page to go to your dashboard
  3. Select Review to go to your submission details
  4. Scroll down the page and select, Download my 2023 federal tax return submission
  5. Print and save the Form 1040 PDF file

We send notices and letters to ask a question about your return, let you know about a change to your account or request a payment. Reply only if we ask you to send us information or if you don’t agree. Find more about IRS notices and letters.

While dedicated Direct File customer support is no longer available, IRS can help you online, by phone or in person.

If you received a CP303 Notice after you used an IRS online service, like Direct File, you don't need to do anything, if you accessed this service. Call the number on your notice if you did not access this service.

You can’t use Direct File to file an amended return online but may qualify for free tax help from IRS-certified volunteers.

Check Should I File an Amended Return? if you need to change your Direct File return. You generally don’t have to amend a return because of math errors you made; the IRS will correct those errors and mail you a notice.

On May 3, 2024, the IRS released Publication 5969, IRS Direct File Pilot Program: Filing Season 2024 After Action ReportPDF. The report examines the Direct File pilot in detail: the pilot itself, the technology and taxpayer experience, Direct File’s innovative customer support system, integration with state tax systems, and the cost and benefits of the pilot.

IRS Direct File was a pilot for the 2024 tax filing season. Following software launch best practices, we started the pilot with a limited number of people to fully test the new service and continuously improved the taxpayer experience.

Using a phased approach meant the pilot was not immediately available to all eligible taxpayers when the IRS began accepting federal tax returns on January 29, 2024. The limited-scale pilot launched its final phase in early March, when it became available 24/7 for eligible taxpayers in 12 pilot states to file their 2023 federal tax returns online for free through the April file deadline.

 The pilot was an option for eligible taxpayers who lived in one of these pilot states in 2023:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington state
  • Wyoming

You can’t use Direct File pilot if you did not live in one of the 12 participating states in 2023.

State returns in Arizona, California, Massachusetts and New York

The Direct File pilot doesn't prepare state returns. However, if you live in Arizona, California, Massachusetts or New York, the Direct File pilot guides you to a state-supported tool you can use to prepare and file your state tax return.

If you live in Washington state, Direct File guides you to a state site where you can apply for the Working Families Tax Credit when you file your federal return with the Direct File pilot.

You may be eligible to join the pilot if you live in a pilot state and report these items on your 2023 federal tax return:


The Direct File pilot was not an option if you had other types of income, such as gig economy or business income.


The Direct File pilot was not an option if you claimed other credits like the Child and Dependent Care Credit
Saver's Credit or the Premium Tax Credit.


The Direct File pilot was not an option if you itemize deductions.

IRS Direct File customer service representatives were available to chat live with one of our customer service representatives Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET. Limited weekend hours were available in March and April. There was also an option for a follow up phone call from an IRS assistor when needed.

Our Direct File pilot representatives offered technical support and answered basic tax law questions in English and Spanish. They had no access to individual IRS account data. Questions or issues not directly related to the Direct File pilot were routed to other IRS support channels.

You needed to verify your identity and securely sign-in to file your return with the Direct File pilot.

The IRS lets you access most tax tools with one account using the same login and password. For example, if you already have an IRS online account, you can use it for the pilot. If not, you were directed to create an account to verify your identity. Once your identity was verified, you   started preparing your return with Direct File.